Master ST – building tutorial

This is a replica inspired on master Jedi Shaak Ti. The empty hilt is oriented to DIY installs. We hope you enjoy building your saber with this page and tutorial.

Main specs:

The kit

  • 7/8″ blade Emitter part, with brass ring.
  • Body section, ID 30mm
  • Vented Pommel
  • 2 push buttons
  • 2 Led holder bezel and two 5mm LED
  • Black anodized Covertech wheel
  • 10 segment LED bargraph

It is an empty hilt ready to be installed with your own electronics. Also you can make your own surface finish, as default it comes with painted inside the milled lines.

The conception of this saber is different than master KF. Here we focused to make a full integrated chassis system that can be completly removed. Also the internal space allows to hold a removable battery and this avoids using a recharge port.

An optional PCB has two tactile switches avoiding wires to de soundboard. This PCB also contains two neopixel LED to add effects. Another solution like master KF can also be done with bezel switches.

Suggested Materials